the Introduction

I’ve been interested in writing a blog for some time now, but have never been given the kick up the ass required to get me quite motivated enough. Now that I am going to be set adrift in some (as yet unknown) ocean, I will finally have a lifestyle conducive to (hopefully) interesting and perhaps exciting posts! So here I am… foot (merely metaphoric I assure you) firmly lodged into buttocks and slowly puttering along… but soon it shall be full steam ahead!!


So how about a bit more info on the journey so far in getting ready to become a Cruise Ship Photographer, aka “Photog”?

I initially contacted OVC to enquire about the programme. I actually used OVC when I applied for my au pairing job in the USA and so was sure it was legit! However, pretty much straight away, they put me in contact with Georg who is the Course Director for the Program, based at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. The programme is approved and facilitated by Image, who will ultimately be my employer! Image supply photographers to the following Cruise Liners: Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Paul Gauguin Cruises and Royal Caribbean International.

The initial process went really REALLY quickly. Scary, nerve-wracking quickly! Within a month the applications, isometric testing, interview and medicals were done, and after packing up my life in Johannesburg, I moved home to Bushmans River Mouth in time for Christmas.

At this point my medical had still not been approved by the Image Head Office in Miami, due to some administrative errors and a couple of enquiries from their side. In fact, I was out chopping down a Christmas tree (as one does) when I missed a call from Fransien at the Academy.  Oh the excitement! She was just calling to make sure that I would be attending the course in January and when I told her my medical hadn’t yet been approved, she said she would look into it. Before Christmas, thanks to her efficiency, my medical was approved and I was booked on the first course in 2013.

More on the course later…



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