the Day at Sibuya

I’ve been lucky to be at home during the stream of visitors that I would not have seen if I was still living in Joburg. We’ve had visitors from Zambia and 2 lots from England in the past 3 weeks. Needless to say we’ve had lots braais, indulged in gin & tonics and done many loads of washing!

Our last visitors, Lin and Chris fancied a visit to one of our local Game Reserves, Sibuya and asked Mum and I to join them. What a treat!

We started the day with a trip down the Kariega River, spotting various birds and interesting sights, the most memorable being Gary the Goliath Heron and the stone painted Xhosa lady. At midday we stopped at one of the Sibuya camps that are nestled along the river and were treated to an amazing buffet lunch, with milk tart served for dessert. Of course I HAD to wash this down with a glass of wine…

While in camp, we were given a brief tour along the maze of boardwalks. Nosing into one of the luxurious tents, we were amazed to encounter two small elephants… Not real elephants silly! The staff had folded the hand and bath towels to resemble Elephants. They really were very clever and rather cute! Looking around, I was surprised to recognize the mohair carpets and handmade pottery sink bowls as local products made by friends, Elsa Barnard and Kobus Kruger respectively.

After restocking the cooler box, we set off on the game drive!

When I was younger and forced to write thank you letters to my Grandma, to take up space I would list all the animals I had seen on our latest game drive. With that in mind… we saw: Nyala, Impala, Bush Buck, Water Buck, Bontebok, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Buffalo, Giraffe, Elephants, Lions and Cheetahs! Not bad for a few hours right?

You would think that seeing all this game would be the highlight right? Wrong! Not for Mum anyway…

When I was younger, Mum, David (my brother) and I would often go game viewing together. On these drives we would all be on high alert looking for anything interesting. David would shout: “Look, Elephants!” I would shout: “Look, Giraffes!” and Mum would shout: “Look, Poo!”.

During our game drive in Sibuya, our Game Ranger stopped the vehicle suddenly and leaned down to pick something up… To our surprise (and Mum’s joy) it was a piece of dung! I have finally met someone as interested in animal poo as Mum! He picked up 2 samples, broke them apart and proceeded to educate us on how to differentiate between Elephant and White Rhino dung. As this will be such useful knowledge to you in your everyday life, I will share this knowledge with you. White Rhino’s only eat grass and so their dung is green in colour. However, Elephants eat seeds, roots, bark etc and so their dung is more yellow in colour. How lovely!

Not only did the day afford beautiful photo opportunities, delicious food & beverages and a great many memories, but we were also given a free Sibuya water bottle. Everyone loves a freebee, but this will actually be a handy one and I will be taking it with me on my future ocean adventures.

It’s a tough life, chilling in Bushmans, but somebody has to do it!



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