the Fair Lady Shoot

I am Famous
I am Famous

While being in Bushmans, I’ve had a number of little jobs to help tide me over while I’m playing the waiting game (and the Glad Game – click here if you’re confused). I have been amazed at how my computer skills (that I take for granted) are in quite high demand. Surprisingly, I have also been hired for a few photography projects. I’ve given crash courses, taken photos of paintings & carpets and done a photo shoot for Fair Lady. See how I just snuck the biggie in at the end?

Fair Lady approached Elsa, of Elsa Barnard Mohair Carpets, about being involved in their upcoming series of articles on Woman Entrepreneurs in South Africa. Since we live in the “back of beyond” the editor asked Elsa if she knew anyone qualified to take a photograph for the article and she suggested “yours truly”! You can imagine my surprise (and delight) when the Picture Editor hired me without even asking about my qualifications or seeing a portfolio.

The Picture Editor briefed me to take a Lifestyle Portrait of Elsa and her business partner, Selena, who runs the factory. This meant a trip to the factory, which is located in Dimbaza (a small town outside of King Williams Town) a 2 ½ hour drive from Bushmans. I hadn’t been to the factory before, so full of trepidation surrounding backdrops and lighting conditions, off we set one Tuesday morning.

After about 20 minutes of assessing different settings and fiddling with my camera, I was ready to start shooting! Elsa had a bit of work to do, so I started by taking some photos of the factory and workers. It was lovely how excited everyone was to have their picture taken. I hope the guests on my future ship will be similarly inclined, and give me big smiles and a few minutes of their holiday time for a quick snap.

The shoot itself went smoothly, with a few shots taken against several backgrounds so that I could supply Fair Lady with several options to choose from. After emailing through a selection of low res photos, they chose my favourite and it has been printed in the April issue of Fair Lady. I’m famous.



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