the Dog Walking Photographer

I have a new profession to add to my ever growing list – Dog Walker!

One of my mum’s friends has rushed to Cape Town to be with her brand new granddaughter. At some point during her haphazard flurry of packing and booking flights and accommodation, she hired me to walk her dog. So once a day I dutifully walk Pritti to the river mouth and back and for this I am being paid a ludicrously high amount.

Today I stretched this strolling 40 minute walk into an hour. This wasn’t because I was walking slower than normal, but rather because it is such a beautiful day that I had to keep stopping to take photos!

During my photography course we were discussing how to take interesting and unique photos of destinations and tourist attractions that have been photographed by millions of people trillions of times before.
Of course there are different camera settings, compositions and accessories that you can use to get different effects, but in my opinion the most important tool is to be able to find a different perspective.

Michael's photo of the Eiffel Tower

David (my brother) and Michael (his partner) went to Paris in January and Michael took a beautiful photograph of the Eiffel tower. What made it so beautiful, besides the romantic misty weather, is that he took the photo from a hill and framed it with silhouetted tree branches. It’s stunning and unique and I’m jealous that I didn’t take it! On the bright side (yes, I’m playing the Glad Game again) they had the photo made into a postcard and sent it to me. As my Grandma would say, standing awkwardly with her hands high on her hips, “Well that’s all right then!”

Anyway… so while I was out walking Pritti I decided to try and take some interesting and unique photographs of my own. Although none of them are particularly ground breaking in concept or composition, I had fun thinking out the box and the results are at least different to most photos taken in Bushmans.

A happy, sandy, dog walking photographer I am.



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