the Chores

When Mum goes to work, she likes to give me a list of chores to do. At first I undertook these chores with about as much enthusiasm as a cow chewing the cud.

Chewing the cud
Chewing the cud

Lately, however I have been completing these chores with more and more alacrity. As my stay in Bushmans creeps up to the 3 month mark, my frustration at not yet being placed is increasing tenfold. While Mum is out, the chores help to give my day some purpose, alleviate boredom and help to distract me from the hopelessness that keeps trying to invade my being. Melodramatic? Maybe slightly!

Today’s (completed) chores:

  • Fill water bottles
  • Vacuum bedrooms
  • Take the washing off the line
  • Make a “Cake in Transit” sign
  • Collect Guavadillas

I have filled the water bottles and they are chilling in the fridge! Why do we need bottles filled with refreshing cold water? Because Monday is Line Dancing day! This afternoon Mum and I will take the (not so) long and winding road to Kenton-on-Sea (5 min drive) for an hour of line dancing. Do you have visions of us dressed up like cowgirls, thumbs hooked into jeans, stomping our leather boots to country music? Well… Not exactly! No dressing up is required, and although we do know one Country Western line dance, we dance to many different types of music, from Elvis to Christina Aguilera!

Country Western line Dancing
Country Western line Dancing

Vacuuming is probably my least favourite chore. Not only is it an awkward piece of equipment that is constantly falling over, but it also reminds me of being duped into playing Miss Maid by my brother. This game involved me acting like a maid and my brother ordering me around with demands such as “Clean my room” or “Fetch me a drink”. Fun hey? Although putting the washing on the line doesn’t involve any annoying equipment, it carries the same association and is therefore not one of my favourites either.

The “Cake in Transit” sign was hardly a chore as I really had fun making it, going to rather more trouble (and adding way more glitter) than was actually required. Mum is going to a wedding this weekend and has been dubbed Chief Cake Transporter! As such she wants a sign to put on the back of her car to inform drivers as to why she is driving so slowly and entreat them for some patience!

"Cake in Transit" sign
“Cake in Transit” sign

Lastly, I had to take a stroll up the road to collect the fallen guavadillas from a neighbours garden. Don’t fret, the neighbours are away and we have permission to collect as many guavadillas as we like! Never heard of a guavadilla? Well it’s pretty self-explanatory… It looks like a guava and tastes like a granadilla! They can be slightly bitter, but mixed with sugar and boiling water (in equal quantities) and left to cool, can be made into a delicious “mix-a-drink” beverage! I took my camera with and stopped a few times along the way to take some photos, improving the chore to the status of enjoyable!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Chores done, it’s time for something to eat!



4 thoughts on “the Chores

  1. Just made some Guavadilla juice with treacle sugar, now the drink looks brown but is delicious. Your photo of the plant looks like an abstract piece of modern art ! And if the melon isn’t bobbin’ soon you have a real talent for writing. Your blog is a weekly treat !

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