the Bushmans Bye-Bye

Oh my goodness. What have I gotten myself into? I’m a fricking chaotic uproar of emotions! One second I’m jumping up and down, bubbling over with excitement and the next I’m huddled in a corner, trying to rock away my anxiety and nervous! All metaphorically of course, on the outside I am “as cool as a cucumber”! Incidentally, that is my favourite “old school” simile and I’m super chuffed that I got to actually use it in a sentence!

As Cool As A Cucumber

I received my flight and joining details on Tuesday night. There was a bit of a hiccup, as initially there wasn’t a flight from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, only from Johannesburg onwards. No worries! After a couple emails and a quick phone call to Miami, this was all sorted out. I am due to fly from PE tomorrow morning and (via Joburg and Doha) arrive in Copenhagen on Saturday at 7:40am! From there I have to make my way to the Langelinie Port (which incidentally is just north of the Little Mermaid!) where I will be met by my new Business Manager. So by 10am on Saturday I should be staring wondrously at my new home… the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Vision of the Seas!

After living in Bushmans for a solid 4 months (the longest time I’ve lived at home since I was 13!), it seems fitting to share some of my favourite photographs taking during this time. I really have had an amazing stay. Who would have thought that living in Bushmans could be such an adventure? Thank you to everyone for making my time here so special.

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I’m sad to be leaving and a bit nervous about what’s ahead, but most of all, I’m gloriously excited that my new adventure is about to begin!




the “Lasts”

Even though I’m only joining my ship this Saturday, I have already said many of Good-byes. The first good-byes were said when I left Johannesburg. Then I had to say bye to my fellow Photog trainees after we finished our course and now I’m getting ready to say good-bye to all the wonderful people of Bushmans (and Kenton-on-Sea), my home and of course, my amazing, irreplaceable Mum!

All good-byes involve some “lasts” and I’ve already had SO MANY! Leaving Joburg at the end of last year I had my last braai with friends, my last day at work, my last night in my beautiful flat, my last glass of wine with my lovely flat mate, my last game of Adventure Golf at Brightwater Commons, my last Concert at Soccer City (Sorry, FNB Stadium), my last “pool day”, my last frozen margarita at Café Mexicho (if you haven’t been, you should!) and my last trip to the gym – JOKES! That happened like a MONTH before I left! So you get the picture? There have been A LOT of “lasts”.

Last week I started noticing more “lasts”. There’s been the last trip to Port Alfred, an attempt at a last pajama day (by noon I gave in and went to shower!), the last Friday night Ribs special at Homewoods (complete with Breakfast-box), the last clean bed linen and towels, the last load of washing, the last of the soup (if I’m lucky maybe Mum will make some more… hint hint!) and my last “moon uppers” down at the Bushmans River.

It was full moon on Saturday, so Mum and I packed some Gin & tonic (complete with “real” glasses and a slice of lemon) and wandered down to the slipway. We arrived as the sun was setting and I gleefully swopped between snapping pictures and sipping my drink. When the moon finally emerged it was magical and eerie and just wonderful!

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Today will be my last line dancing class! The sadness! However, I have firmly told myself that instead of focusing on these “lasts” I should be focusing on all the “firsts”!

The first time packing my bag (did this yesterday! Yes… I am keen!), the first time seeing the weather forecast for Copenhagen being warmer than for Bushmans (yes, this has happened!! Friday and Saturday this week will be warmer there than here in Bushmans!), the first time taking my passport out of the safe and of course there’s the most exciting “first” to look forward to… wearing my brand spanking new beautiful knickers for the first time! Hahaha! I’ve been saving them for my travels! What’s an adventure without new underwear right?

Just keep swimming, rolling, bobbing and smiling everyone! Focus on the “firsts”!