the Bushmans Bye-Bye

Oh my goodness. What have I gotten myself into? I’m a fricking chaotic uproar of emotions! One second I’m jumping up and down, bubbling over with excitement and the next I’m huddled in a corner, trying to rock away my anxiety and nervous! All metaphorically of course, on the outside I am “as cool as a cucumber”! Incidentally, that is my favourite “old school” simile and I’m super chuffed that I got to actually use it in a sentence!

As Cool As A Cucumber

I received my flight and joining details on Tuesday night. There was a bit of a hiccup, as initially there wasn’t a flight from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, only from Johannesburg onwards. No worries! After a couple emails and a quick phone call to Miami, this was all sorted out. I am due to fly from PE tomorrow morning and (via Joburg and Doha) arrive in Copenhagen on Saturday at 7:40am! From there I have to make my way to the Langelinie Port (which incidentally is just north of the Little Mermaid!) where I will be met by my new Business Manager. So by 10am on Saturday I should be staring wondrously at my new home… the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Vision of the Seas!

After living in Bushmans for a solid 4 months (the longest time I’ve lived at home since I was 13!), it seems fitting to share some of my favourite photographs taking during this time. I really have had an amazing stay. Who would have thought that living in Bushmans could be such an adventure? Thank you to everyone for making my time here so special.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m sad to be leaving and a bit nervous about what’s ahead, but most of all, I’m gloriously excited that my new adventure is about to begin!




2 thoughts on “the Bushmans Bye-Bye

  1. Those photos are amazing!! Well done, although you could have chosen a nicer daisy! Love the moon one with the boat in the foreground – HAPPY ADVENTURES xxx

  2. AAAAHHHH!! I’m so happy for you! Safe travels and have a fantastic time. Hope to see you when you back on South African soils for a proper kuier. x

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