The new “New Guy” – Cruise # 4

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 783

Sweden – Russia 11 Night Cruise

This cruise we said good-bye to the wonderful Aleks. It was a bit weird not having him around. I kept thinking we had left him behind! I’m learning that this is one of the drawbacks to the cruise ship life style. People are constantly leaving. This is often because their contracts have ended, but sometimes people are also fired – 3 people have already been fired that I know of! This means that there are always new faces, in the guest and crew areas! Luckily I arrived at the same time as some pretty cool people, so will be graced with their faces for a long while yet – touch wood!


I have been the butt of a lot of good natured teasing this week. This is mainly Manny’s fault. He’s my AMP (Assistant Manager of Production) and during my first week he asked Nikola, “What’s the new GUY’S name? Taking this literally, Nikola replied: “She’s a girl, Manny.” And he replied: “Yes, New Guy!” What makes this worse is that Manny insists on calling me “Len”. I’m still not used to this and don’t always realize that he’s talking to me! So now that we have a male new hire, there have been loads of jokes about there being a real new GUY, the new “New Guy”! I must take this opportunity to thank my brother for all the teasing growing up, as I haven’t minded the jokes this week and have been laughing along! Haven’t I grown into a well rounded and good natured person?

So new “New Guy” and I had some time off in Tallin, Estonia and decided to go for a mini adventure. We walked around the old town, which consists mostly of cobbled streets, churches, towers and tourists! It’s really pretty and fairy-tale like, especially since there were a lot of people dressed up in medieval costumes walking around on stilts and giving archery lessons. During our sightseeing excursion we came across a tower with a sign inviting us to climb up the stairs. It was quite a climb and although we didn’t find the stars and unicorns that the sign promised, I did have the most amazing refreshment, a tall glass of cold, crisp, delicious Pear Cider – Yum! I had a bit of a giggle when I read my glass – A. Le Coq!

Of course, like all of these old European cities, there was a large town square with a flea market. I spotted some flower broaches that reminded me of similar ones that a friend of my Mum’s makes. Mum, maybe a new idea for Lin?

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Funny Guest Story: When we’re bored in the Photo Gallery, we walk around looking at all the photos and play a game where we try to guess the names of the guests. At times we find this hilarious, but I suspect that’s because we’re overtired and overworked! It was while doing this that Nikola discovered “Turtle”.

In high school I was known for associating people with different animals that I thought they looked like. One girl was a giraffe, another a zebra and another a wombat! My friends soon turned the tables on me and pronounced that I look like a penguin. The nickname has stuck. So if anyone was wondering why some people call me penguin, or buy me penguin bits and bobs – mystery solved!

But back to “Turtle”… Turtle is a teenage guest (not a ninja or a mutant) and Nikola decided that she looks like a turtle. I found this HELarious, because (A) it’s true and (B) that’s the type of thing that I would say. I took lots of photos of her during the cruise and always looked forward to showing them to Nikola for a bit of a giggle!

Highlight of the cruise: Suddenly I’ve been getting all sorts of good comments from management, my  Photog peeps and guests. I’m slightly frazzled and I Hope I can live up to these high expectations, but it was nice to get some praise.



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