the Historical Mecklenburg – Cruise # 8

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 787

Scandinavian – Russia 10 Night Cruise

This cruise we said good-bye to Marli. I was surprised by how emotional I got, which was a bit awkward as I was shooting Luka (dressed as a Sailor) when she left. BUT, never fear when Lina is near! My “new” cabin mate, Lina, is actually the girl I originally replaced, so I felt like I knew her before she arrived! She’s from Colombia and brings a “I take no sh*t” Latino style to our team. I love it! Best of luck Maril. Wishing you amazing future adventures!

This cruise we went back to German-kneeeeee! Since I have already been out in Warnemunde and Rostock, I decided to join a tour that was exploring the broader historic Mecklenburg area. We started the tour with a visit to the Monastery of Bad Doberan that was originally founded in 1171. Apparently the King was hunting a deer, when a swan flew out from the reeds shouting Dobre Dobre! Dobry means “Good” in Slavic and so the King, believing this to be a sign from God, decided to build a holy monastery on the same spot. Most of the buildings were burnt down in 1291, but the church has been restored and remains true to its Gothic style. There is a massive double sided crucifix in the middle of the church. The workers would sit on one side of the cross, staring up at Jesus on the crucifix, but the Monks would sit on the other side, getting to stare up at the mother mary. How lucky!

Next, we boarded the Molli train in Bad Doberan. This is a 900mm track and is one of the oldest narrow-gauge railroad in the world. I sat with an English family who were so funny and made the ride so much fun. We chugged through small towns, past farms and through forests. If I had to use one word to describe the experience, it would be “quaint”.

Our last stop was Kuhlungsborn, where we had tea and cake and I met up with Lizzy (one of the Cruise staff who was on the same tour, but on a second bus). We had some “free time” and so Lizzy and I went down to the beach for a bit. We walked along the pier and then sat our bums in the sand for some good ol’ fashioned people watching. Wow was that a bad idea. The Germans aren’t a shy bunch to begin with, but on the beach they let it ALL hang out! Haha! On returning to the bus, my English family were waiting for me with a gift. A lovely precious gift of a blow up beach ball! Haha! They said it was for the next time I go to the beach! I’m amazed by all the wonderful people that I’ve met on my travels so far. I’ve blown up the ball and it lives at the bottom of my bed. Sometimes I kick it off during the night and wake up with it on the floor somewhere. It’s a nice reminder of the English family that adopted me for a few hours in Germany.

Quaint German Beach huts
Quaint German Beach huts

We also visited Tallin again and Lina, Nikola, Victor and myself went out for lunch and some shopping, taking a few goofy photos along the way. I love Tallin!

Funny guest story: During Embarkation, a man saw my name badge and shouted “Hakuna Matata” to me. I smiled, took his photo and he was on his way. The next day I saw him again and he started singing “Hakuna Matata”. I couldn’t let this slide again and so I laughingly told him that Hakuna Matata is Swahili, which isn’t spoken in South Africa! For the rest of the cruise he called me Timone.

I also met a man who works for a logistics company that transports cargo from South Africa to America. One of the main items that are shipped are hunting trophies (gross) and he told me that once he had to ship an entire stuffed Elephant. Besides being slightly horrified that my beautiful African Elephants are being hunted for sport by rich Americans, I cannot help but wonder, how on earth did they get the elephant into their house?

There were so many nice guests during this cruise. The positive name comments and tips for the whole team reflect the fun relationships that were made with the guests.

Highlight of the cruise:

  1. Finally being promoted to Photog 2.
  2. Winning 5 days of Room service with my VIC card. I have been SO FULL this entire cruise!
  3. Finally seeing the little Mermaid in Copenhagen.
  4. Arranging for my Mum to join me on a cruise at the end of September!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

It’s been a good cruise!


the little mermaid


the “Working” Pics – Cruise # 7

The Ship Event Pics – Cruise # 7

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 786

Sweden – Russia 7 Night Cruise

This cruise was pretty uneventful. In light of this I’ve decided to devote this post to sharing some of the photos that have been taken by the team in their professional capacity and for a bit of fun. When we’re starting a shift we take a few photos in order to check that the exposure and flash settings are good to go. Of course we don’t want to take these “test shots” of guests, so we model for each other. Most of the time these photos get deleted, but sometimes we keep them for some giggles and memories and Manny (Assistant Manager of Production) will print them for us. I’m too lazy to go look for these on the server, so I’ve just taken photos of the pictures, hence the flash spots and slight skew look! Forgive me!


Embarkation test shot!
Embarkation test shot!



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All Crew Party:

Before heading to the Filipino party on my birthday!
Before heading to the Filipino party on my birthday!

Funny guest story: Overall the guests on this cruise were rather boring and unexciting, however we did have a little turtle look-a-like! I spotted her during embarkation and Nikola and I had a good laugh when I showed him the picture!

Highlight of the cruise: Finally receiving my South African name badge!