the “Working” Pics – Cruise # 7

The Ship Event Pics – Cruise # 7

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 786

Sweden – Russia 7 Night Cruise

This cruise was pretty uneventful. In light of this I’ve decided to devote this post to sharing some of the photos that have been taken by the team in their professional capacity and for a bit of fun. When we’re starting a shift we take a few photos in order to check that the exposure and flash settings are good to go. Of course we don’t want to take these “test shots” of guests, so we model for each other. Most of the time these photos get deleted, but sometimes we keep them for some giggles and memories and Manny (Assistant Manager of Production) will print them for us. I’m too lazy to go look for these on the server, so I’ve just taken photos of the pictures, hence the flash spots and slight skew look! Forgive me!


Embarkation test shot!
Embarkation test shot!



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All Crew Party:

Before heading to the Filipino party on my birthday!
Before heading to the Filipino party on my birthday!

Funny guest story: Overall the guests on this cruise were rather boring and unexciting, however we did have a little turtle look-a-like! I spotted her during embarkation and Nikola and I had a good laugh when I showed him the picture!

Highlight of the cruise: Finally receiving my South African name badge!



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