the New Route PART 1 – Cruise # 9

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 788
British Isles 10 Night Cruise

We crew have been eagerly anticipating this cruise. We’ve been doing Baltic cruises for about a month and a half now and this cruise promised a well needed change of scenery. For me the excitement started on the very first day of the cruise, because although we were back in Copenhagen, I actually had Embarkation off for the very first time and this meant that I could FINALLY explore the city I had so looked forward to visiting.

The first thing that struck me about Copenhagen is how many bicycles there are! Outside the train station there was a long line of bikes and most of them were not locked to the bike stands – back home these would have been “permanently borrowed” in 2 minutes, maybe 1 and a half! Once on the train, I was surprised to see people boarding with their bikes and placing them in the (very handy) bicycle stands. The trains have a wheelchair and bicycle priority area!


I met Edward, a second officer on The Vision, at the train station and together we set out to see the sights! After walking around Tivoli Gardens, City Hall, Hans Christian Anderson (statue, not the actual person silly!), the Royal Palace and Gardens, more bicycles, various statues and many amazing buildings, we stopped at a little bistro for lunch and a beer. What a stunning, relaxing, sunny day! Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit, you just need to save a bit before hand as it’s a tad pricy!

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Our first port stop was in Invergordon, Scotland! It’s a 20 minutes bus ride from Inverness, which is a further 15 minutes bus ride from the Loch Ness – so of course Lina, Mikki and I had to go look for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster! We were warned beforehand that there isn’t much to see, and boy, were they NOT KIDDING! There’s a hotel/café/souvenir shop all rolled into one and a tiny dock where you can take a boat ride on loch for like £30 – eesh that’s a bit steep for us! So what did we do? We took some photos (of course), scoured the horizon for the “creature” (no interesting sightings were made, but we had fun looking), I dipped my finger tips into the icy loch (so that I can say I did) and then we spent an hour looking at the souvenirs and having some hot drinks while we waited for the bus. Boy was THAT a mission.

The first bus was late, but it was also full and so we weren’t allowed to get on board. The next bus was also late and was also full, or so we presumed as the bus driver made some wild hand gestures to us as he drove past. Yup. He didn’t even stop! At this point we (and a bunch of guests) were getting nervous because we were running late and so the hotel ordered some taxi’s to take us back to Inverness. Once there we thought we’d be okay, as there was a bus due shortly, but that bus was also late and then traffic made the ride back to Invergordon a good 30 minutes longer than it should have been. We made it with 15 minutes to spare for ALL ABOARD. Phew.

Funny Nikola Story: Lately Nikola has started telling us stories from his first contract with Image and I just HAD to share this one with you all.

Picture this. A tall skinny Serbian during his first week onboard. He’s going through some rigorous training, trying not to get lost, learning all our different duties and dealing with having to interact with colleagues and guests in English for the first time. You got the picture? Okay. So poor, confuzzled Nikola was innocently standing in the Photo Gallery when an old lady hobbles over to him and asks if he can please direct her to the nearest Rest Room. Nikola looks as her blankly, his mind trying to process her words, “Rest” “Room” and finally replies: “I’m not sure Ma’am, but you can rest over here on the couch!” Awwwwww!! Luckily another Photog overheard the conversation and quickly directed her to the closest toilet!

But wait, there’s more! Read “the New Route” PART 2!



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