the New Route PART 2 – Cruise # 9

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 788
British Isles 10 Night Cruise

Dublin is super! It started raining (as it tended to do in each of these ports) in the afternoon, but that didn’t dampen the city’s vibe. The people are friendly and there is plenty to see. We took a stroll around the city centre, through one of the parks, past the Molly Malone statue (Mum, I know you just started singing the song…) and to the area called Temple Bar, This area mostly consists of (you guessed it) Bars! It’s a pretty retro kind of area, with narrow streets and plenty Guiness signs flagging the buildings. Of course we stopped for some refreshments. I’m waiting to sample the Guiness with Mum, so I had an Irish Bulmers cider. It’s not as good as the Pear cider from Estonia, or even the apple cider back home in South Africa (how I miss my Hunters Dry!) and my brother has told me that it’s not a classy drink, but it was WAY better than American cider – what a treat!

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My friends from overseas always laugh at me when I tell them about South Africans being employed as car guards (with our crime this isn’t the worst idea, but sometimes they’re handicapped – how are they going to protect your car with only one leg?) to pump gas, to wave flags and hold caution signs on the road when there are road works and when you pass the road works you’re sure to see 5 people supervising one person doing the work..

But the Irish are worse! In the streets there are loads of people employed to hold signs advertising the various shops and restaurants. What’s your job? I hold a sign for a living!

i hold a sign for a living

This cruise we also went to Cobh, which is a tiny Irish village, with the biggest Cathedral in the area and was also the last stop Titanic made before its disastrous end. You can still see a part of the old Jetty that the guests used to board to ship. The town is pretty and there is a long line of colourfully painted houses that is supposed to be “famous”. The best part of them is the old fashioned washing lines that are strung between them. Next we go here, Mum will be with me and I’ve decided that we’re going to take a short train ride to Cork, which is supposed to be really pretty!

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Highlight: The highlight of this cruise was SO AMAZING! On day 2 of the cruise I received an email from my brother, announcing that he and Michael would be taking a day off work to drive down to Dover to spend the day with me! Yayness!! Best news ever! I was so excited, I was counting the sleeps, which was complicated as not only do we work in shifts, but we sleep in shifts too. After this was pointed out to me, I counted the days instead of the sleeps. So on the second last day of the cruise we arrived in Dover and after an agonizingly long Gangway (it felt longer than it actually was) I hurried to get ready for my visitors! Waiting on the pier, I was surprised to see a sparkly Mini Cooper driving towards me. The surprise was that it was David and Michael inside! How larney to hire a Mini!

I had such a GREAT day! First we went to see the Dover Castle (because that’s what English people do and I wanted the whole experience) and then we went for lunch before going to see the famous, wonderful White Cliffs of Dover. We had a lovely walk along the cliffs to take some pictures, spotted France across the English Channel and then went down to the beach at the bottom of the cliffs for an ice cream. Yumbles.

Thank you both so much for a wonderful day. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I have eaten most of my sweets and put my Christmas presents at the back of my suitcase to try to resist the temptation to open them! Love you!



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