The breathtaking Norway – Cruise # 11

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 790
Copenhagen – Norwegian Fjords 7 night cruise

I love Norway! The views in each port take my breath away. This cruise included 2 brand new ports for me, namely Oslo and Stavanger. I have so many amazing photo’s to share from this cruise, are you excited? You should be! Here goes!

Oslo is a typical Northern European big city, with a Norwegian heart. That is, it’s clean, historical and beautiful, with an emphasis placed on design.

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Stavanger has a fishing village feel about it, but it’s actually a deceptively large city. We docked right in the middle of town, where there is a large square with market stalls, which gives the city its quaint feeling.

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We went back to Geiranger again and it didn’t disappoint. An early 6am gangway duty meant ample time to take some early morning scenic shots – sane holiday makers are still curled up in their beds while we were shivering on the floating sea walk. The Sea Walk is a new super gangway made up of pontoons that eliminates the need to tender in Geiranger.

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After gangway finished, Lina, Nikola and I decided to take a hike up to the perfect picture opportunity spot! It was a hike! It took us over an hour to reach the top of the (small) mountain, but it was well worth it! Just take a look at these pictures and try to tell me otherwise!!!

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Funny Nikola story. So we made it ALL the way up the mountain in Geiranger to take those amazing photos… Then Lina slips on some gravel when we are basically at the bottom, landing rather un-lady-like on her behind. She hobbles along on her slightly twisted ankle and Nikola and I smirk to ourselves, secretly happy that we were sure-footed for the whole hike. BUT WAIT! The next morning Nikola wakes up (not THAT early I might add) and climbing off the top bunk (it’s not very high and Nikola is pretty tall) he falls onto the floor. BOOM! …is that laughter I hear?

Clever Helen story: We had cabin inspection this cruise and I forgot to take the trash to the incinerator… So what do I do? I hurriedly tie up the trash bag and stuff the trash under my bed. Problem solved! I hid it so well that I forgot it there for another night! Oops! Don’t worry, it’s been burnt to a crisp by now and my cabin is sanitary once more! Haha!



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