the Week of WOW – Cruise # 12

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 791
Copenhagen – Baltic Seas 7 Night Cruise

This was our last cruise in the Baltic! I must say, it came as a shock and made me a little sad, especially when visiting Tallin and Stockholm. Vision of the Seas goes to dry dock on the 24th September and we’ve all been told that we’re going to be transferred to a different ship, which ship, when or where are the 3 things we don’t yet know! I don’t really mind where I go, a bigger ship would be nice and it would also be amazing if I get a few days in between to spend with Mum and maybe even David and Michael! Remember I told you that Mum is coming on a cruise with me? Well she’s coming for the last cruise before dry dock – hold thumbs for me that this all works out!

So for once, our day in Helsinki wasn’t formal night, which means that we actually had time to go out! Mikki, Lina and I went out to enjoy the sunshine have a look around. Helsinki is pretty, but compared to the other ports this cruise, it’s pretty average. We still had some fun, strolling about, enjoying being out the confines of the ship.

This cruise was the WEEK OF WOW! Oh my goodness. Doesn’t this sound exciting? It was Crew Appreciation week and as such there various crew activities planned for each day. Some of these weren’t very exciting, such a crew Pilates… but we had a movie evening in the SEEL (Some Enchanted Evening Lounge) with free coke and pop corn, which cannot NOT be a hit with us  Also, we had a special dinner one night… the special part was that there were tablecloths on the tables, some of the dining room staff were there to clear away our plates and we had yummy dessert. The FAILure was that we were given paper plates and plastic knives and forks for this “special” dinner. How does that make any sense? What was fun, was the ALL CREW WHITE PARTY on the back deck. We had some drinkies and got our dance on, with a camera floating about of course!

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Hightlight of the cruise: Lovely friends and back deck fun!

My name is Helen and I love my life  Imagine that!



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