The Good times keep rolling – Cruise # 13

Vision of the Seas Voyage # 792
Copenhagen – Norwegian Fjords 7 Night Cruise


We finally know what ship we’re heading to next! I have been placed on Explorer of the Seas. It sounds perfect – I love exploring!!! I will be joining 29th September, which gives me 5 days for my transfer… I have requested to spend this time in London. Could be pure awesomeness!!! Holding thumbs, pinkies and toes!

We had more goodbyes this cruise, as we visited our favourite Norwegian ports for the last time. We went back to Kristiansand, Bergen and Geiranger for final shopping, pictures and exploring! Each port had something special to offer! In Kristiansand I spotted a zebra, in Bergen I bought some gifts (including some whale sausage for the family to try) and in Geiranger I went on a highlights tour that took me high into the mountains!


For the Geiranger tour, we started with a nerve-racking drive, through cloud, up a steep, narrow, hairpin bending road to a viewpoint. We stayed for 10 minutes, but couldn’t see much due to all the fog. As we were all climbing back into the bus, the cloud lifted to reveal a magical, ethereal view of the fjord.

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Next we made our way back down the hair-raising, hair-bending road and started to climb the mountain that Lina, Nikola and I hiked up 2 weeks before! We stopped at the obligatory viewpoint before continuing up the mountain. Higher and higher! In the photo below you can see the hair-bend road that we drove up to get to viewpoint #1!


I am a sleepy travel companion. I can’t stay awake long in a car if there’s no chit chat or sing-a-long going on! Therefore you will not be surprised when I confess to falling asleep for a good 10 minutes during our drive up up and away! Oopsy! As we arrived, our tour guide pointed out the hundreds of small “rock towers” covering the mountain top. She explained that by adding a rock to these towers, you are making a wish to return to Norway in the future. So of course I added my own rock!

On our drive back down the mountain, our tour guide put some Norwegian music on. It was such beautiful music. The only way I can explain it is that it sounds like a cross between Irish music and the pretty songs from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack!

We had a dress up party on the back deck this cruise. Some precious pictures of the night are below. I’m going to miss my Vision team!

Highlight of the cruise: Learning some new dance moves at Latino Night!



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