the Bermuda Adventures Continue – Cruise # 17, 18 & 19

Explorer of the Seas Voyage # 631, 632 & 633

Cape Liberty – Bermuda 7 night cruise

OK. I need to just get this off my chest. These guests are ridiculous! I now know where the term “hen pecked” originated!! All these older New Jersey ladies shout at their poor husbands over the silliest of things. They turn the wrong way and the helpful husband tells them so… but apparently they should be mind readers and know before that she was going to go the wrong way… and they get shouted at in a whiny high pitch, aggressive voice that carries all the way down the Royal Promenade (OK, I may be exaggerating a leeetle bit, but still, the “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!” allegation gets violently hurled at the poor, unsuspecting husband. Like… umm… Are you that dumb and dependent that you can’t read the toilet sign yourself? Should you be allowed to enter the restroom by yourself? I have my doubts…

Now that my rant is out of the way, I must admit that the guests on the last 2 Bermuda cruises were a lot nicer and better behaved. This might be because there weren’t as many from New Jersey! Though most of the guests were American, there were also some really nice British folks who even liked to have their photo taken – imagine that Lina! One of the ladies is from Leicester and her maiden name is Wright – maybe we’re related?

This team is so social. We spend a lot of time together in the evenings, mostly having a drink(s) on the Back Deck. I’m feeling really relaxed with everyone and we’ve been having some really nice chats. It’s so strange (and good) to talk to people from such a completely different background. Take the Belarusians for example. Did you know that in Belarus, during winter it can get as cold as -40°C! Man!!! You can wake up and not be able to open the door, because the snow is so high!! It’s such a surreal situation for me and the Belarusians couldn’t stop laughing at me, with my mouth frozen open in pure shock and disbelief.

During one of our overnights in Bermuda, we decided (after a few beers on the Back Deck) to head outside. So off we set, me in my jeans and white t-shirt and wearing a big grin on my face – we’re going out for real! You see, at home “going out” means going out at night to PARTY (whoop whoop!!) but on the ship, “going out” means getting off the ship!

We ended up at Snorkel Park and after popping in at the bar, decided we preferred the liberty and unanimity that relaxing near the water’s edge under the warm dark sky offered. Sounds peaceful right? Well it started off that way…

We dragged some deck chairs together and began some lively chatter, when (it was bound to happen) someone decided it was time for a swim… a few of the guys took off their shirts and plunged into the sea, splashing each other and giving the rest of us some rather amusing entertainment… However, this fun was short lived when some security guards rocked up and told them to get out the water – for their safety of course. This happened a few times and then (apparently) the security guards gave up on us, because they didn’t bother us again. Even when, out of nowhere, Ian raced towards me, picked me up and proceeded to toss me into the sea. As I mentioned, I was wearing jeans (not really ideal for swimming) and a WHITE t-shirt… oh dear! In the end we were all happily splashing about and jumping from the blow-up raft that was oh-so -conveniently floating nearby. What a wonderful, wet evening!

We also had a team bonding Cheese and Wine evening. We had some lovely, tasty (and some stinky) cheese, crackers and wine – thank you lovely managers! After the food was finished I was treated to a luxurious shoulder (thanks Floyd) and foot (thanks Alex) massage at the same time. There really is TOO much love in this team!

We had our monthly one-on-one meetings with our BM (Business Manager, AKA the big boss) Ioana during the last Bermuda run. All is good. Everyone is happy with my performance and I was given a VIC card. Why you ask? Because I’m wonderful! You may remember that I was given a VIC card on the Vision of the Seas and got to spin the WHEEL OF WOW! Well here on Explorer of the seas, it’s a little less exciting… Our friendly HR personnel fan out a bunch of cards and you pick one to win a prize! Haha. I won a meal for 2 at Johnny Rockets, which is a diner style hamburger restaurant. Hmmm… who should I take???

Bermuda Panorama

Funny Van story: So Van had a delicious meal in the Staff Mess… what was it you ask? Well in his words, it was “the tail of the ox!”

Funny Floyd story: I’ve been learning a bit about the Jamaican culture and according to Floyd, after you turn 31 you finally become a grown up, because your age is no longer on the calendar… You have to admit, it does make sense in a “No Problem” kinda way!

Funny Misha story: Apparently Belarusians have a rather wacky sense of humour… Here is a joke from Misha.

Q: Did you hear about the Hedgehog who learnt how to breathe out of its bum hole?

A: It sat on a chair and suffocated to death!

Apparently this is the epitome of Belarusian humour. I found it (and still find it) hilarious! HELarious! Of course this lead to a conversation about Hedgehogs and do you know what? They have super loads of wild hedgehogs in Belarus, even in the cities. Misha lives in Minsk and there was an abandoned house next door to his childhood home with a wild, untamed garden that attracted loads of hedgehogs and he used to catch them (they’re not very fast apparently) and keep them in his room (only for a few days) as pets. While we’re on the subject, do you know how hedgehogs mate? The female is able to flatten out her spikes to allow the male to enter without poking himself… Lucky Mr hedgehog! As you can tell, this conversation went on for quite a while and I am now quite an expert on hedgehogs! It might come in handy one day…

Highlight of the cruises: Wonderful times with the team and my iPad arrived! What’s the first thing I downloaded you ask? Plants vs Zombies 2 of course!!! Oh and I had a sneaky Day off! My signature card has finally been filled – they give out signatures much easier on Explorer than they did on Vision. So on my day off I slept, I relaxed, I did some washing, I did some lab training and I wrote (yes, that was the day that 4 blog posts went up, if you can remember so far back!)  – I thought I was rather industrious!



3 thoughts on “the Bermuda Adventures Continue – Cruise # 17, 18 & 19

  1. Surely 32 would make you a grown up? 31 is still on the calendar!
    Just to be fussy – if you did weeks you would only be a grown up at 52, or 365? or 12? or fsssssssssssssssss

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