the End is Now – Cruise # 28

Explorer of the Seas Voyage # 642
Bayonne – Eastern Caribbean 9 nights cruise

After a month and a half, my voice is finally coming back! I’ve had a rather husky voice caused by having to shout to be heard when in my Christmas tree studio and while smudging Labadee gangway – we don’t want our guests going to the other ship’s photographers, so we have to be rather vocal. Chef is sad… apparently he found it rather sexy. I’m happy though, no more “ball-dragging” and I can sing again!

My voice wasn’t the only thing to return this cruise. Maybe it’s because I have been getting a proper amount of sleep and working less hours, or perhaps it’s just the prospect of a vacation, but I started enjoying my job again. I hadn’t realized it, but lately I have just been going through the motions at work. I actually had fun with the guests this cruise, laughing and joking with them on formal night. When last did that happen? Probably not since the Bermuda cruises!! Except with the special guests who I really liked of course!

I’ve been feeling rather sentimental lately. I can’t believe my first contract is almost finished! I’ve seen and learnt so much! Can you believe that I’ve been to 22 countries in 8 months? Serious! I’ve had so much fun picking up random bits of information from all over the world. Do you know how Canada was named? I do! A French explorer was given directions to Kanata – the local word for “village”. Misunderstanding and mispronouncing, he ended up calling the whole region “Canada”! More importantly, I have been adding to my drinking vocabulary. When I was living in San Francisco, the wonderful Vanni taught me a German drinking rhyme: “Zur mitte, zur titte, um sack, zack zack!” and she will be very proud to hear that I have learned a new one, this time in Spanish: “Pa’ Arriba, pa’ abajo, para centro, para adentro!” It’s important to be a well rounded person… haha. I’ve also learned to say “Cheers” in 11 different languages.

Skål – Scandiavian

Priekā – Latvian

Terviseks – Estonian

Prost – German

Na zdravi – Czech

Budmo – Ukrainian

Ziveli – Serbian

Santé – French

Salud – Spanish

Noroc – Romanian

Gan bei – Chinese

The Cookie target: Yiling and I are cookie hoarders! We have taken to stealing cookies from the Cruise Terminal on Embarkation day and smuggling them onto the ship – taking fresh food aboard is a No-No! Since the cookies are made on the ship to begin with, we don’t feel too guilty about our illegal activity! SOME of our team (cough *Ian* cough-cough) have been abusing our cookie stash and so we have started setting ourselves Cookie Targets. So during our lunch break we bring a certain number and then at the end of our shift we bring some more. Thanks to our hard work, and the additional efforts of Misha and Ian, this Embarkation day saw our cookie containers overflowing! Of course this meant that we HAD to guzzle down a fair number of cookies… Otherwise they would have gone soft!

Highlight of the cruise: Receiving my flights to get me home! It’s vacation time!

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What next? I’m heading home for 2 months of sunny bliss before heading off to the Independence of the Seas for a second contract. I’ll be returning to the Caribbean, sailing from Fort Lauderdale this time and then will cross over to Southampton for the much anticipated Mediterranean cruises. If you’re interested, the itinerary is up!

So long Explorer, ’twas great!



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