The New managers – cruise # 30

Independence of the Seas Voyage # 215
8 Night Caribbean Voyage

Well I am happy to report that things are looking up for me here on the Independence. There are a few things that have helped. Firstly, I’ve been making an effort to spend time with the team. We go to see parts of the shows (singing, dancing, comedy and even the ice skating show) between our shifts, so I’ve seen more of the shows on Independence already then I did on either Explorer or Vision. I’ve also gone to the back deck a few times, but to be honest, I find it a bit boring on this ship. Anyway, the point it, I have been bonding with the team and am feeling a bit more settled.


Also, I was very happy to meet up with a few crew from my last contract. There are 3 casino peeps from Vision, the concierge was on Explorer and there’s a security officer from Vision. Who knows. Maybe more will come. It’s nice to have some friends outside of the team. All the random greetings and smiles really helps it feel homely.

We’ve had some changes in the team this cruise. My old manager from Explorer, Ioana, arrived and it’s like having my ship Mom back. It’s really nice having someone on the team I know. We also have a new AMS. This is confusing as our old AMS is still here! Matt is working as a Photog 3 for 2 more cruises to replace Luka, who left this cruise. He asked for the extension as his wife, Lore, is a Photog 3 and she only finishes in 2 weeks.

Crazy ship incident: As we were leaving St Kitts, an OSACAR OSCAR OSCAR alarm was sounded. This is the code word for Man Overboard. We drifted offshore for over an hour while the search went on. Later we found out that two local men who had been helping with the mooring lines had been too close to the ship when we began to move and their small boat had been capsized by the waves created as we were leaving the docks. Tragically, these two men didn’t survive and we left St Kitts with a very heavy heart.

Highlight of the cruise: in St Maarten, a bunch of us went out together for a bit of a walk about and I had the most amazing cookies and cream ice cream. Yum! Sunshine, ice cream and a good company is always good.



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